Factory2U Steel Buildings

  • Weld-free and simple construction process
  • Precise and accurate components, no cutting to length on site
  • Delivery in as little as 3 weeks
  • Physically easy to build, no heavy lugging of components
  • Save money with 25% less concrete in foundations and post install anchor bolts
  • and more…

Our buildings are constructed with cold-formed steel cee sections that are bolted or screwed together to form the structure of the building including but not limited to portal frames, columns, or rafters. 

Our Mission

To use technology to enable our engineers to work more efficiently, quickly, and accurately while staying relevant with the latest industry codes and standards. Not only does our system allow our engineers to work more easily, the system integrates with all other elements of the production process.


Years of Manufacturing in the U.S.


Buildings Delivered in the U.S.


We Ship to All 50 States + Canada

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Reach Out to Us

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